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altitude training

Altitude Training

Now you can train the way the world’s best athletes train, at an affordable price. Altitude training will allow you to gain maximum benefits while minimizing the exercise time required achieving your health and fitness goals. Instead of traveling to the mountains to train or exercise let the mountains come to you.

Altitude training works for everyone from Sports training, Personal training, Weight loss, General health and fitness, Rehabilitation and Acclimatization. Altitude training will allow you to gain maximum benefits while minimizing the exercise time required to achieve your goals.

About Us

Commit-2-Bfit Personal Training provides high-quality personal training services that motivate and support clients to achieve their goals through exercise and lifestyle changes. We regard personal training as a partnership between the client and trainer and will empower you to take control of your own fitness and wellbeing. Our personalised approach provides personal training solutions tailored to your lifestyle.

Adelaide Altitude Training has begun, with the Adelaide Crows from the AFL and Central District Bulldogs from the SANFL using our altitude chamber. Footballer Phil Davis has been using the chamber before his move to the Greater Western Sydney Giants. Cyclist Rachel Neylan has been training in the chamber from the week we opened. Altitude Training in Adelaide is open to everyone not just elite athletes. Some of the people currently using the chamber for training include Norwood swim club, cycle enthusiasts, local club and school footy players, groups preparing for high altitude treks and people that just want to lose weight and stay healthy. Jacob O’Connell is one of the first fully qualified altitude specialists in South Australia and has been training with high altitude since early 2010, with both the high altitude mask system and the high altitude chamber. To find out more about high altitude training check out the altitude training page, link in top bar.

Why choose Commit-2-Bfit Personal Training?

Millions of people take up fitness programmes each year but the vast majority fail to achieve their goals. According to research, only 25 per cent of those who exercise achieve the results they want. With Commit-2-Bfit Personal Training you will achieve faster, safer and more reliable results than training alone. Your exercise sessions will be uniquely designed to match your goals and lifestyle, ensuring your workouts are fun, challenging and effective. Our coaching style provides support and guidance to motivate clients. The result is improved fitness, health and wellbeing.

Who can benefit from personal training?

Everyone can benefit from personal training. It is no longer the preserve of celebrities and the super-wealthy. Fitness means different things to each individual and personal training can help you to achieve your goals regardless of age and fitness levels. For example, you may want to get in shape for your wedding, run a half marathon or be more successful in your local sports team. The benefits of regular exercise are well-documented and include improved wellbeing, weight loss, better body shape, reduced stress, more energy and simply feeling good about yourself. Being active also dramatically reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, type II diabetes and obesity.